Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Yaz & Richard Manley

Yaz’s occupation:

Voice-over artist

Yaz’s hobby:

Reading, writing, yoga, playing in my flower beds.

Favorite way to spend free time:

Playing ping pong with my son, sitting in my yard with magazines, sipping coffee in the morning or wine during happy hour with my husband, laughing with my girlfriends, eating!!!

Recommended garden book:

“Sunset Western Garden Book.”

Yaz’s recommended links:


Favorite national park:


Favorite flower/tree:

Olive tree, tulip.

Yaz’s thoughts on gardening:

“A sprawling green lawn in California was a bad idea that never should have blossomed. If we could collectively simply adjust our attitudes we would find surprisingly more beautiful and sustainable solutions for our future.
In areas where you’re already watering, why not also produce something delicious for the table. Plant a citrus tree. That way, your water is doing double duty and you have a healthy snack at arms reach.”

Saving water is important because…

…it’s precious, limited, and vital to all forms of life. We can no longer afford to take it for granted.