Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Werner Frei


Product Development, Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Hobbies/Favorite way to spend free time:

Winter: skiing; Summer: golf, hikes and driving my Harley

Favorite national or state park:

Alpstein, Switzerland

Favorite flower/plant/tree:

Artichoke (beautiful delicate flowers on a pre-historic looking plant).

Your thoughts on your garden:

Structured chaos, looks like contemporary art made by nature.

What people tell me about my garden:

It changes the way the house looks from the street, serene path to the house.

What surprises people most about my water-wise landscaping:

California native plants are really beautiful and full of colors.

What I like most about my water-wise garden:

The different shape and colors of the multitude of native plants.

Saving water is important because…

it’s just the right thing to do. Water is a scarce resource in California.