Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Steve Kranyak


Oil field operator


Native gardening, hiking, backpacking

Favorite plants:

Indian paintbrush, manzanita, live oak

Favorite gardening book:

California native plants for the garden

Favorite gardening website:


What Steve loves about his garden:

I love that my garden is wild and native. I like that I can enjoy and neglect it as long as I feel during the hottest months and have less costs and maintenance. Having less snails and slugs and roaches and weeds is nice.

Why gardening with native plants is important:

California has a 1000 species of plants adapted for every habitat in California. You will never solve the landscaping problems by using generic foreign plants that do not belong here.

What people tell Steve about his garden:

It ranges the whole spectrum from fascination to threatening of the status quo to silence. It is a study of human behavior.

What kids like about Steve’s garden:

The fact that it is wild, native and nature.

What surprises people most about his native-plant garden?

That I don’t water trees and shrubs. It’s incomprehensible.

Saving water is important because…

…it is our most vital resource and should not be squandered on riparian and swamp landscaping with water flowing down our gutters and snails, slugs, weeds flourishing. All so we can dump money, water, chemicals and labor into futile landscapes, worshiping the English garden in a desert.