Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Ruth Saludes



Favorite way to spend free time:

“Hiking, reading, bicycle riding, learning new technologies.”

What my cat likes best about my garden:

Acacia loves all the insects and frogs, the great places to play, and the various scents among the plants.

Recommended garden books:

“Water-Wise Plants for the Southwest,” by Nan Sterman, Judith Phillips, & Joe Lamp’l. “Succulent Container Gardens and Designing with Succulents,” by Debra Lee Baldwin.

Two trees I am passionate about:

Multi-trunked Arbutus marina: I really like this tree—a drought tolerant evergreen, imagine that!

Ruth’s gardening tips:

Gardens are magical places. Try some magic on your home and always consider water-wise plants.

  • Start small with simple containers, or try an area of your yard, you might even find yourself creating a design for your entire yard!
  • Remember: It’s best to buy plants in same groups of 3 or 5, so don’t buy just 1 or 2 when you visit the nursery. With 3 or 5 same plants you can make a triangle, circle, line, or a curve, i.e., an interesting pattern, and this will keep your garden looking more focused and interesting.
  • Keep plants with similar watering needs together. Mixing plants with unlike watering needs usually doesn’t work.
    “Know” maintenance: There is no such thing as “no” maintenance. Keep notes on the care and pruning time of your plants.
  • Keep your garden mulched at all times and your problem with weeds will be almost non-existent. This, above all things, will keep your garden maintenance to a minimum.