Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Ron & Cindy Pryor



Favorite hobbies:

We both enjoy gardening, cooking what we grow, baking, visiting the high desert, near Joshua Tree.

Favorite plant or tree:

We love all of the great vegetables, especially artichokes and tomatoes, spanish broom in the spring and roses.

Favorite gardening book:

Sunset Western Garden Book. It is such a great source.

Favorite gardening website:

El Nativo Growers is really great.

What we love about our garden:

The first thing every morning is to look out any window and it is always different. It’s like a fantasy movie with the hummingbirds, lizards, bees and butterflies going from plant to plant.

What people tell us about our water-wise garden:

What a great improvement it is to our homes appearance. Even strangers stop by asking all kinds of questions and complements.

What surprises people most about our water-efficient landscaping:

People are always surprised about the water savings and many have said they will be thinking of redoing their landscape. Our landscape water savings is approximately 40% over our old lawn scape.

It is important to save water because…

…it is limited in quantity and must be used wisely.