Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Roger & Mary Jane Boyd


Both retired from professions in health care and engineering.

Roger & Mary Jane’s favorite way to spend free time:

Community volunteer activities with emphasis on education, environment, safety

Their favorite flower:

State of California poppy

Roger’s thoughts on gardening:

Continue to remove grass and replace with draught tolerant plants to conserve H2O.

What people tell Roger & Mary Jane about their garden:

They are generally interested because most of them continue water and fertilize their grass lawns. A few are beginning to plant vegetable gardens in their backyards where they don’t show.

What surprises people most about their water-wise landscaping:

That its appearance changes throughout the year with growth and blooming.

Saving water is important because…

…we live near the ocean where the desert meets the sea. H2O continues to be a rare and valuable resource which must be conserved. We need to be aware that more than 90% of our water in Southern California is imported from the Colorado River and San Francisco delta.