Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Roberta Walker


Landscape Designer

Favorite way to spend free time:

Travel. I love to go see other gardens – ideally in other parts of the world.

Music Roberta likes:

There is an XM Station called “The Coffee House,” they feature many artists “unplugged,” from Dave Mathews to Sheryl Crow and even old Beatle sessions.

Recommended garden book(s):

“The American Meadow Garden” by John Greenlee…this book is sooo helpful and amazing. He gives alternatives for lawns in the form of natural meadows, and I can just imagine if people turned their lawns into these, our suburbs would look like natural meadows!
Another favorite garden book is Thomas Hobb’s “Shocking Beauty” – this book is all about plant combinations.

Roberta’s favorite gardening website:


Favorite water sport:

Floating on something buoyant.

Favorite flower:

Oh, I love so many flowers…peonies and roses are up at the top.

Ways Roberta likes to save water:

“Re-arrange the drain that takes your gutter water and other landscape water to the street. Instead of going all the way to the curb, stop it midway in the yard. That way the water will permeate the soil and make an overall better environment for your plants.”
“Another inexpensive way to save water is to attach a plastic bendable drain to your downspout at the roof line and buy a plastic trash bin to put the other end in. You can potentially save hundreds of gallons of water (depending on how many barrels you line up) and use this water to water your plants or potted plants. Many of hardware stores now sell ‘rain barrels’ that have spigots attached to the bottom of the barrel, making it easy to connect a hose to. You could hook up all of your downspouts!”