Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Rick Cole


City Manager of Ventura


Travel; gardening, volunteering, reading

Favorite national park:


Favorite tree:

California Sycamore

Thoughts on my water-wise garden:

Since the day we revamped our garden, we’ve enjoyed the hummingbirds, butterflies and bees that it has attracted. And I’ve been gratified at the number of neighbors who’ve adopted similar plants and ideas for their front yards.

What people tell me about my water-wise landscape:

We get frequent compliments and my kids are used to people stopping and staring and pointing to different features.

What my kids like about my garden:

When they were little, they loved to play in the little sanctuary we designed for them that gave them a place for play and privacy in the front yard in front of our picture window. Now they are teenagers and take it for granted, like most things on offer from their parents.

What I like most:

The colors and the serenity.

Saving water is important…

because we are utterly dependent on it every single day and the supply of clean water is finite and the more we waste, the costlier it gets, in both financial and environmental terms. We are lucky to enjoy gardens and access to clean water, two luxuries for much of the world. Lush gardens with little water is practically a miracle, which means I have an everyday miracle in my own front yard.