Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Mark Glaser & Mary Keenum


Manufacturing Manager & Account Manager

Our favorite way to spend free time:

Spending time at the gym and working in our yard.

Favorite national park:

Haleakala National Park ( Maui )

Favorite gardening book:

California Native Plants for the Garden

Favorite gardening website:


Our thoughts on our garden:

We love that it is low maintenance and beautiful.

What people tell us about our garden:

We most often hear: “Can I take a picture?”

What surprises people most about our water-wise landscaping?

That we did it ourselves. Mark: I had always been a turf person but, after seeing how beautiful a yard can look without turf, the only question is why didn’t we do it sooner?

What we like most about our water-wise garden:

Each week there seems to be a new flower coming to life, along with lots of humming birds and butterflies,

Saving water is important because…

It is a natural resource. It should be used wisely.