Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Lisa Burton


Professional Garden Designer

Favorite way to spend free time:

Nature walks, photography, gardening

Favorite flower/plant/tree:

Ceanothus, manzanita, dendromecon (Island bush poppy)

Favorite gardening book:

Reimagining the California Lawn by Bornstein, Fross & O’Brien

Favorite gardening website:


My favorite garden quote:

“Entering a garden is like passing through a mystical gate. Things are not the same on the other side.” — Thomas Moore

What people tell me about my garden:

That it is magical, colorful, peaceful, interesting and a beautiful example of lawn alternative garden landscaping.

What surprises people most about my water-wise landscaping:

How colorful it can be with year-round interest and how many beautiful plants there are that do not need supplemental water. They also comment how boring lawns look when they see a well-designed alternative.

What I like most about my water-wise garden:

Giving back to the environment, capturing water run-off to prevent watershed pollution, and providing a rich wildlife habitat for birds, butterflies and other local creatures that have lost so much of their natural habitats to over-development and unfriendly traditional landscapes.

Why children like my garden:

They love watching the wildlife that is attracted to the garden including birds, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, frogs, lizards, etc. The garden is an opportunity for discovery, learning and connection to nature.

Saving water is important because…

water should be treated as an important natural resource that should not be squandered on landscapes that have inappropriate plants and lawns. We should concentrate on sustainability that minimizes what we take from the environment (water) and maximizes what we give back (creating a balanced garden ecosystem with climate-appropriate plants).