Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Lauren Feldhaus & Margaret Haber


Business Systems Analyst & Environmental Biologist

Our favorite plants and tree:

Strawberry Yarrow, Mexican Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia mexicana), Palo Verde Tree

Our favorite gardening book:

Sunset Western Garden Book

Our favorite gardening website:

BeWaterwise.com, elnativogrowers.com

Our thoughts on our garden:

We love the birds and butterflies that now visit our garden. Before with the grass – we spent lots of time and money caring for it. Now we spend no time working and much less money on water. This is a calm, beautiful paradise.

What people tell us about our garden:

WOW! That is so colorful and beautiful. We love walking by your house as the colors and blooms make us smile.

What surprises people most about our water-wise landscaping?

They are surprised that we reclaimed so many of the rocks and grape vines. They just look like a natural part of the whole front yard now.

What we like most about our water-wise garden:

The fact that it blooms year round and that it provides a place for the local wildlife to fly around makes us feel so happy. I hope this is the start of more of the neighbors doing something similar in our development.

Saving water is important because….

what the planet has is what the planet has and we cannot make water – so it is our responsibility to conserve it for the future generations to enjoy as well.

A few finals words of wisdom:

It is easier than you think to build and maintain a water-wise garden. The color and beauty are indescribable. Saving water and having a drought-tolerant scape is not only cactus! Our scape blooms all year round!