Water Conservation. It's For Life.

L.A. Simmons


Retired (from Hospitality Management).

Hobbies/Favorite way to spend free time:

Cycling, sports, music, movies.

Favorite national or state park:

Tie–> Montana De Oro & Pismo State Beach.

L.A.’s Favorite flower/plant/tree:

Dogwood Tree, mainly ’cause that was the street name (Dogwood Avenue) of my childhood home! I’d also include those plants that have color and/or unusual shapes, such as Cuphea, Mexican Sage, Lantana, Lavender, & all Succulents.

L.A.’s Favorite gardening book:

Gardening for Dummies/ Landscaping for Dummies/ Lawn Care for Dummies. Get my drift?

What L.A. thinks about his garden:

I appreciate the variety of seeing nearly 50 different drought tolerant plants vs. having a plain green lawn. The impetus for getting my project going was the Grover Beach “Cash for Grass” program. Getting a small rebate to remove my front lawn was a bonus.

What people tell him about his garden:

It looks way better than my previous sad looking grass lot. It’s a big improvement.

What surprises people most about L.A.’s water-wise landscaping:

The 25-35% or so water savings and the ease of maintaining

What L.A. likes most about his water-wise garden:

That’s easy—saving both time & $$. Less time maintaining with mowing, edging, fertilizing, & clean-up. Money saved on ever-increasing water bills.

Saving water is important because…

it is a finite resource, and living in California and having to rely on short rainy seasons with diminishing amounts of rain, is precarious at best. Every little bit of water savings helps and I feel I did my small part.