Water Conservation. It's For Life.

John Sahagian


Restaurant Business

Favorite way to spend free time:

In the garden, Colorado River boating, off-roading with my wife and daughters.


Off roading, racing of all kinds

John’s thoughts on his garden:

“Gardening is one of the ways that I relax the most. It is hard work at times because I am always changing things around, looking for the right balance of bright colorful plants that are not that much maintenance and do not require a lot of water. There are always on-going changes, but it is how I really enjoy spending time. When I am home, I am never in the house.”

Saving water is important because…

…we can not live without it, we should not take this for granted and we need to be good stewards to the earth that God has created for us to enjoy and prosper from.
We all need to do our part. People need to understand that there are great rebates offered from their local municipalities that bring the cost of the changes to their irrigation systems to a very minimal cost. And you do not need to hire a contractor to do this stuff–it is very easy to do.