Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Jennifer Hageman



Favorite way to spend free time:

Gardening, Camping, Sewing, Knitting

Favorite plant(s):

Oriental poppies/ any salvia/ any oak

Favorite gardening website:

Houzz.com (it’s not really a gardening website, but has wonderful ideas for plant groupings, colors in the yard, and landscaping motifs from around the world)

What people tell me about my garden:

How much they enjoy looking at our yard. We are next to the mail boxes for our street so we get a lot of foot traffic by our house.

What surprises people most about my water-wise landscaping?

The number of flowering plants that are drought resistant.

What I like most about my water-wise garden:

We spend so much more time outside than we did when the landscaping was just lawn. We have all sorts of butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, ladybugs, and birds to keep us entertained. In addition, because of the wide variety of plants, the yard looks good no matter the season of the year (well, except when the Central Valley is baked in the August sun and all landscaping suffers). The variety also means that the yard is constantly changing as the plants go through their individual cycles. Every day looks different.

Saving water is important because…

there simply is not enough water to support all of the various needs in this state. With global warming, the situation is going to get worse.

A few more thoughts on water-wise gardening:

1. As the plants get established, it is possible to reduce the amount of water even more by decreasing the size of the emitters on the drip irrigation system.
2. Because the yard is on a drip system, the number of weeds is greatly reduced. The spring rains result in weeds in the relatively small area of our yard without weed block fabric; but, once those are removed, weeding is a breeze.
3. There is no need for chemicals to maintain the yard. The plants get a once-a-year application of chicken manure and that is it. The storm water runoff from our yard does not pollute the waterways and we save money.
4. The biggest plus? No lawnmowers!