Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Ivy Darden & Linda Arrendondo

Ivy’s occupation:


Linda’s occupation:

Retired teacher

Linda’s hobbies:

Gardening, birding, reading & knitting.

Ivy’s hobbies:

Baking, woodworking, working on projects in the yard and house.

What Linda loves most about their water-wise garden:

I love the variety of plants and the beauty and serenity they offer. I also love that it is low maintenance. Plus, our garden attracts people passing by, which gives me a chance to talk about water-wise gardening.

Ivy’s thoughts on gardening:

I am lucky that Linda loves to garden. I am happy to help in the garden, as well as maintain the irrigation system, but mainly I enjoy looking at the garden.

California should save water because…

…the San Joaquin Valley has a limited supply of water from the melting snow in the Sierra Nevada, as well as our yearly rainfall. The Valley relies on this water to maintain the water table level. Valley farmers use this water to irrigate their crops; therefore, when the homeowner saves water this allows more water for the farmers which, in turn, benefits us all. Also, using excess water for lawns, for example, drops the water table level which means this area in the future might not be able to sustain the current population and the agriculture that thrives in the Valley. Saving water also saves electricity because the City of Fresno uses well water, which requires electricity to pump the water and deliver it to homes and farms.