Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Ileana Cataldo


Property Manager

Favorite way to spend free time:

Reading, playing piano.

Favorite national or state park:


Favorite plant:

geraniums, creeping fig, jacaranda

Ileana’s thoughts on her garden:

I love my garden!!! It makes sense, scents, cents for California!

What people tell me about my garden:

They think it’s beautiful and admire that I’ve taken a step in the water preservation direction.

What surprises people most about my water-wise landscaping:

That it was very easy to create.

What I like most about my water-wise garden:

I feel very proud that I’m helping conserve water and setting an example for the thousands of people who pass by daily.

Saving water is important because…

water is going to become the next commodity that is going to skyrocket in price tomorrow unless we do something about it today.