Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Earl & Patti Bonawitz


Real Estate Broker & SAWPA Board Clerk

Hobbies/Favorite way to spend free time:

Reading, golf, hiking/walking, fishing, boating, gardening and wine tasting

Favorite national park:

Yosemite & Zion

Favorite gardening book:

Sustainable Landscaping for Dummies by Owen Dell. (This book helped us tremendously when we converted from traditional to sustainable landscaping)

Your thoughts on your garden:

We love the punches of color, all the wildlife that it draws, and the interest created from the rocks.

What people tell us about our garden:

Everybody tells us it’s beautiful , and they are amazed at the wildlife it attracts.

What surprises people most about our water-wise landscaping?

How little time is required to maintain, and how much we’ve reduced our water bills by reducing our outdoor watering.

What we like most about our water-wise garden:

We love the wildlife that visits, the punches of color, and how we incorporated the use of rocks to house wildlife in our own front yard! Love the little lake (rain garden) when we are blessed with raindrops!

Saving water is important because…

every drop counts! Through sustainable landscaping, we are doing our part to use water wisely by reducing our outdoor water use. We must admit that we had to get use to the idea of sustainable landscaping, but now we’re hooked! It’s colorful, beautiful, saves us $$$ on our water bill, and requires very little maintenance – so we can get out on the golf course sooner – how can you beat that?