Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Dan & Suzi Zuppardo


Construction/Dance Studio Owner

Favorite park:

Glacier National Park

Favorite flower, plant or tree:

Redwood Tree

Favorite gardening book:

Sunset Western Garden Book

Our thoughts on our garden:

We love it. It continues to be a work in progress!

What people tell us about our garden:

How much they love it. They are often interested in how to cultivate a garden like ours.

What surprises people most about our water-wise landscaping?

How easy it is!

What we like most about our water-wise garden:

We love that it is so beautiful and SO easy to maintain!

Saving water is important because…

…there is no need to be wasteful when we can use our resources to the fullest. We encourage everyone to revisit their thinking about saving water and, in turn, beautify their yards with water-wise landscaping!