Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Chris & Howard Watkins

Christine’s occupation:


Howard’s occupation:

Attorney & Community Photographer

Christine’s hobbies:

Reading & travel.

Howard’s hobbies:

Photography, genealogy & travel.

Favorite way to spend free time:

Visiting our children and grandchildren.

What Howard loves most about his water-wise garden:

Looks great, easy to maintain, and saves money.

Christine’s favorite flower or tree:

Dogwood, ginkgo, and river birch.

Christine’s goal for her water-wise garden:

To have color, texture, and variety for every season in a garden that takes care of itself.

A tip from the Christine and Howard on how to successfully create a water-wise garden:

Find a master gardener/landscaper who really listens.

Californians should save water because…

…it’s the right thing to do; besides, it saves money and a precious resource.