Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Chris Dundon


Boy scouts, tennis, backpacking and anything that involves my family.

Music Chris likes:

Classic rock & bluegrass.

Recommended garden book:

Everyone has to have Sunset’s “Western Garden” book.

Chris’s favorite gardening websites:


Favorite national park:

Glacier National Park is a must see!

Favorite water sport:

Water conservation, of course!

Favorite tree:

Oak trees.

Chris’ thoughts on replacing his lawn with water-friendly landscaping:

“When I was first planning to replace my front lawn with a water-efficient landscape, I wanted to keep the cost very reasonable, so I decided to do the work myself. In the end, the total project cost was less than $1,000 to completely plant and irrigate my front yard. The yard looks great and uses very little water. Now on Saturday mornings when my neighbors are mowing their lawns, I am playing tennis!”