Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Abbie Flanagan & Brigitte Patterson



Our hobbies:

Golf, gardening, biking, spending time with dogs

Our favorite national park:


Plants we love:

Sunflowers, bird of paradise, baby eucalyptus

What we think of our water-wise garden:

The most beautiful improvement we’ve made to our house.

What people tell us about our front yard:

They love it! Can’t believe how beautiful it is. They are going to do something like that to their house.

What surprises people most about our water-wise landscaping:

That it is both beautiful AND water wise. It is not cactus, succulents and rocks.

What we like most about our water-wise garden:

It is very relaxing, extremely low maintenance and saves water.

Saving water is important because…

it is vital to life and a resource that we cannot do without. As our population grows, the demand for water grows. It is extremely important that consumers understand and make great efforts to conserve water before it is too late.