Update to a Water Smart Yard

3 Steps to a

Water Smart Garden

Step 1: Beyond the Lawn

Step-by-step guide to a less costly way to convert your lawn.

Step 2: Plan and Plant Your Dream Garden!

Search low-water plant options. Native plants bring birds and butterflies.

Step 3: Install Drip

Water only where you need it. Cut water use by 50% to 90%.

Bungalow among the flowers

No mowing. Needs weeding and pruning only three times a year. "Very little maintenance ... and I save so much water."

Less lawn, more plants

Added two sections of water smart plants. "I was tired of doing so much work. [Now] it's low maintenance."

Swapped lawn for greenery

Saves 12,000 gallons a year. "A beautiful, low-maintenance garden year round."

Elegant floral cottage

Only prunes and weeds once a month. "I love my garden and I don't have to mow!"

Succulent garden

Needs very little water and was in Sunset Magazine. "It gets lots of attention from passers-by."

Magical garden with bridge

The family loves walking the paths and the bridge with pretty flowers "instead of plain, boring lawn."