Kathryn McClelland

Drought tolerant backyard

Favorite way to spend free time:

Eating burgers with friends and family. And of course gardening!

Recommended garden book:

“Plants and Landscapes for Summer Dry Climates” from EBMUD.

Favorite flower:

I love most any flower, but blue flowers make me say ahhhhhhhh.

Favorite place to buy native/low-water plants:

The annual sale at the Regional Parks Botanic Garden at Tilden Park (Berkeley), Annie’s Annuals in Richmond and Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore.

Kathryn’s gardening tips:

Handwater your garden with the water you use to rinse vegetables, or run to heat up your shower.
If you don’t have room or energy for a compost pile, use a worm composter. It’s easy, doesn’t smell, and the compost makes my plants soooo happy.

Kathryn’s thoughts on her garden:

“The best thing I ever did was replace my thirsty, labor-intensive lawn with low-water, easy-care California natives and Mediterranean plantings. My garden is filled with many shades of green and interesting textures, vibrant-colored flowers that lure hummingbirds and beneficial insects, and fragrances of scented penstemon, lavendar, rosemary and sage. I also love to use natural hardscaping, such as unusual rocks I’ve found, and trellises I’ve made from tree trimmings.”