Anita McNair

Anita McNair's drought tolerant backyard


Mother and Homemaker

Anita’s favorite way to spend free time:

I love nature walks and costume designing for theater

Favorite national park:

Grand Canyon National Park is the place for me

Favorite plant:

The Old Man Cactus is a keeper

What my friends think of my garden:

When I told my childhood friends that I was trading in my lush, green, grassy, water-guzzling yard for a lush, colorful, drought-tolerant oasis, they could not imagine how beautiful it would look. When they saw my yard—full of lush greenery, bright colors, a dry river bed with a small motorized water feature—that did it. They loved it and want to spend time outdoors for breakfast, lunch or dinner parties. Now they want me to help them create a water-wise yard. More converts means less water wasted in California!

What my grandkids think of my garden:

My grandkids love their Nanna’s garden. I took them to nurseries as far as Palm Springs to help me select fun cactus and succulents. Right now they are only 4, 6 and 7 but I let them know that they helped save water for their future and for their kids to come.

What I like best about my yard:

I love that I water my whole yard only twice a month, once a week or every 10 days during the hot summer season. I dream about retiring in Palm Springs but, until that time comes, I can enjoy a little bit of that beautiful oasis right here in the comfort of my home in good ol’ Compton, CA.