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Save Our Water and Quick Quack Car Wash Highlight Urgent Need for Water Conservation Amidst Extreme Drought

SOW Sign at Quick Quack Car Wash

Published: 21 November 2022

Save Our Water and Quick Quack Car Wash Highlight Urgent Need for Water Conservation Amidst Extreme Drought

Californians Urged to Only Wash Cars When Needed and at Car Wash Facilities Using Water Recycling Systems
Sacramento – Save Our Water, California’s statewide water conservation campaign, and Quick Quack Car Wash, California’s largest chain of express carwashes, have partnered to highlight the importance of saving water as extreme drought continues to strain the state’s water supply. To help stretch water supplies and make our water last, Californians are being asked to do their part to save water – both inside and outside the home, and out in the community.
Washing cars at home with a hose can use more than 100 gallons of water per wash and washes all the minerals and dust accumulated on the car straight into our waterways. Facilities with water recycling and reclamation systems, like Quick Quack, help save up to 85 gallons per wash. With over 60 locations throughout the state, Roseville-based Quick Quack’s water reclamation system captures up to 99 percent of the water used during a wash, which then goes through a filtration system. From there, soaps, soils and oils get filtered out, making the water cleaner and reusable for another wash.
“Quick Quack understands the importance of making the most of the water we have and making saving water a way of life in California,” said Quick Quack Car Wash Chief Innovation Officer, Matt Nichols. “By recycling water, we can use as little as 15 gallons of water per car wash compared to the 100 gallons used when washing a car in the driveway.”
Save Our Water is highlighting actions local businesses are taking to combat extreme drought and cut back water use. Individuals, businesses, and other institutions all have a role to play in saving water and even small actions can make a big difference as the state prepares for a possible fourth consecutive dry year.
“As California begins to prepare for a fourth year of drought, simple actions like not washing your car at home and finding a car wash facility that uses water recycling to conserve are critical,” said Margaret Mohr, deputy director of communications for the California Department of Water Resources. “Together, we can all make a difference by limiting our water use, especially outdoors, to make our water last.”
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