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Five ways to save water around the yard this summer

image of pool and pool float

Published: 29 July 2021

Summer is in full swing in California, and many regions of our state have already seen multiple heatwaves. As temperatures rise, here are a few outdoor water saving tips to keep in mind:

  • Water your landscape in the early morning or late evening when temperatures and wind are at their lowest. Up to 50% of sprinkler water is lost due to wind, evaporation, and runoff.
  • Using mulch helps insulate the soil to lock in moisture, keep plants cool, and prevent weeds. For every 1,000 sq. feet of mulch, you can save up to 30 gallons of water. Mulch helps reduce evaporation, which allows soil to retain water longer and means plants require less frequent watering. Mulch also helps plants thrive by inhibiting weed growth, preventing soil erosion, and moderating soil temperature.
  • Trade your hose in for a broom when cleaning your deck, patio, or driveway. You'll save water by doing so!
  • By using a pool cover on a regular basis, you can reduce water evaporation by about 95%. In addition to reducing evaporation, a solar cover or a safety cover will also help keep your pool water warm.
  • Minimize or eliminate the use of waterfalls and sprays in your pool. Aeration increases evaporation.


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