About Save Our Water


Water Conservation

Save Our Water is a statewide, water conservation program created in 2009 by the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources. The program’s goal is to make water conservation a daily habit among Californians, much like recycling and energy conservation are today. The Save Our Water program reaches millions of Californians each year through partnerships with local water agencies and other community-based organizations, social marketing efforts, paid and earned media and event sponsorships.

A sprawling green lawn in California was a bad idea that never should have blossomed.If we could collectively simply adjust our attitudes we would find surprisingly more beautiful and sustainable solutions for our future.

Make water conservation a daily habit in your household. Every Californian can save water with simple steps like watering your lawn only when it needs it, taking shorter showers, running full loads in the washer and dishwasher and turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or doing dishes. The small changes that can be made even by the youngest members of the household will help make a difference. Just as turning off the lights when leaving a room and recycling bottles and cans have become second nature to most of us, so can saving water.