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How Do You Know If You Are Saving Water? Check your Water Footprint!

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Published: 26 April 2022

Find Your Water Footprint

Do you know how much water you use each day? When it comes to saving water, small changes can make a big impact. But before we can make meaningful changes to our personal water habits and help save water during California’s drought, we must identify and understand how much water we are using.

You can calculate your water footprint using an online water footprint calculator, like  A water calculator will help you take the first step toward identifying your water-use patterns and where you can improve.

What is a Water Footprint Calculator?

A water footprint calculator measures in gallons the direct and indirect freshwater used by an individual or business. The amount of water you use while showering or washing dishes is an example of direct water use. Indirect (or virtual) water use refers to the unseen water used to produce the goods and services we consume, like the amount of water used to make pet food.

Accounting for your direct and indirect personal water use requires complex measurements, but with this online water footprint calculator, it’s as easy as answering a series of simple questions about your household size and daily routines. The questions span three categories of water use: indoor, outdoor, and virtual, and range in topics from shower habits to shopping habits.

The water footprint calculator offers helpful water-saving tips throughout the questionnaire portion and shines a light on the amount of water used in manufacturing and producing our goods—a factor often overlooked when gauging water use.

What does the Water Footprint Calculator Measure?

In addition to tips and information sprinkled throughout the questionnaire, this water footprint calculator also boasts a detailed, informative results page, including charts and personalized water-saving tips based on your results. You can even compare your water footprint with the average American, who uses 2,220 gallons of water per day, to see how your water use habits stack up.

Why Are Water Calculators Important?

Water footprints offer an important frame of reference for individuals, businesses, and even countries to work toward efficient and sustainable water use. By understanding our personal water use patterns we can identify the areas where improvement is necessary to conserve more water and reduce our water footprints.

More Ways to Calculate

To be more conscientious about your water use, consider using some of the apps below to help track and manage the amount of water you may be using.

  • EyeOnWater will help see your latest water usage, detect leaks, and view your water trends.
  • Virtual Water will allow you to see the amount of freshwater used to create everyday goods to possibly have you rethink your consumption patterns.
  • Drop Countr will help increase your water IQ and houses conservation tips in one place.

Calculate your water use at and try to cut your water use back by 15% using some of the tips found at