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5 Simple Ways to Save Water During the Holidays

Published: 23 November 2020

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is here! Time for decorating, baking, and celebrating with your household – or virtually with family and friends. And while you might be putting the final touches on your holiday dinner menu, or maybe you’re still in the early stages of planning your holiday feast, one thing you probably haven’t thought about is water.

The consumption of this precious resource can often be overlooked when preparing your favorite holiday dishes, but water plays a huge role in the kitchen -- from food preparation to the clean-up process.

Here are five simple ways to save water while preparing for holiday meals:

Defrosting Frozen Foods

Leaving the faucet on to defrost a frozen ham or turkey will waste a ton of water. It can cause quite the dent in your water bill, too. Instead, let your frozen items defrost overnight in the fridge.


Rinse Veggies and Fruits

Fill a large bowl or pan with water to rinse vegetables and fruits rather than running the tap. This water can be reused to water your garden or any indoor plants you may have around the house.

Person rinsing off leafy greens and potatoes in the kitchen sink.

Food Scraps

Don’t use your garbage disposal to discard food waste after holiday meals. Toss scraps into the garbage can or save those leaves, rinds, and stems for making compost. Not only will you save water, but the compost can later be used to fertilize your garden.

Compost bin


If you have a dishwasher, use it. Washing full loads of dishes saves 5-15 gallons per load and uses significantly less water than washing by hand.

Inspect for Leaks

Inspect your bathroom fixtures for malfunctions and leaks before your guests arrive. During the holidays, bathrooms are likely to experience heavier usage than normal which can lead to more issues. Fixing a leak as small as the tip of a ball point pen can save up to 110 gallons!

Man holding wrench while fixing a bathroom sink pipe.

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