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How You Can Save Money and Make Your Home More Water Efficient in 2022

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Published: 11 January 2022

Many of us make New Year resolutions each January. With climate change bringing longer and more severe droughts to California, why not resolve to make your home more water wise this year? Even though we have seen some recent storms, keeping up the effort to conserve water now is critical to our state’s water supply in the drier summer months. 


During this time of year, many utilities offer discounted or free products and services to encourage customers to retrofit their homes to be more water efficient. Look to your local water agency for these rebates and other incentives that can make these improvements much more affordable. Plus, you could see savings on your monthly water bill!


Save Our Water recommends installing some of these upgrades for big water savings:

  • Smart sprinkler timers which will automatically skip a watering cycle during rainy weather 
  • Rain barrels to collect water now to use in your garden during the dry season
  • Aerators and low flow shower heads
  • Water efficient appliances like dishwashers and washing machines
  • Mulch to add to your yard and garden
  • Nozzles with an on/off lever for your hoses
  • Converting all or part of your lawn to low-water landscaping – some local utilities offer lawn conversion assistance and incentives!


Gradually incorporating these improvements will create a home that is sustainable in current and future dry periods and ultimately saves you money on utility bills.


To boost your water conservation, keep up with water wise habits like only washing full loads of laundry, keeping showers under five minutes and cleaning outdoor areas with a broom instead of the hose.


Happy 2022!