• Cactus

    Use Water-wise Plants

    Check with your local water agency on the best plants for your area. It is best to use water-wise, California-native plants when possible.
  • Flowers

    Install Drip Irrigation & Add a Smart Controller

    Installing a drip irrigation system and a smart controller can save 15 gallons each time you water.
  • House

    Reimagine Your Yard

    Feed your vegetables and fruits water first because they feed you! Water-wise plants and shade trees use little or no water once established. Thirsty plants such as lawn and container plants are the lowest priority.
  • Cleaning Brush

    Use a Broom to Clean Outdoor Areas

    Using a broom to clean outdoor areas can save 6 gallons every minute.
  • Flower

    Use Drought-resistant Trees, Plants

    Using drought-resistant plants and trees can save 30–60 gallons per 1000 sq. ft. each time.
  • landscape-kassy-brohaugh

    Set Mower Blades to 3”

    Setting mower blades to three inches encourages deeper roots and saves 16–50 gallons per day.
  • Kid with Sprinkler

    Adjust Sprinkler Heads & Fix Leaks

    Saves 12–15 gallons each time you water and a leak about as small as the tip of a ballpoint pen can waste about 6,300 gallons of water per month!
  • Use Mulch

    Use Mulch

    Using mulch can save 20–30 gallons of water per 1000 sq. ft. each time you water.