Water Conservation. It's For Life.

Save Our Water Kicks Off Statewide Summer Public Education Campaign

“Small Changes. Big Impact” Campaign Encourages Continued Conservation

Save Our Water, California’s official statewide water conservation education program, has launched its statewide late-summer public education campaign, “Small Changes. Big Impact.” The campaign emphasizes the importance of simple daily habits and easy permanent changes Californians can make both in and outside of the house. Much like the habit of recycling bottles and cans, the goal of becoming water efficient can start with the smallest of changes.

Paid media campaign elements – including radio ads, digital, and social media efforts – will be seen and heard by millions throughout the state. Weather and traffic sponsorships on radio stations kicked off the week of Aug. 7 and will run into September. Thirty-second radio ads launched Aug. 14 and will also run into September.

“Californians remain committed to water conservation and are embracing wise water use as a daily habit,” said Jennifer Persike, Deputy Executive Director of External Affairs for the Association of California Water Agencies. “From taking shorter showers and installing water efficient toilets to fixing leaks to transforming landscapes with California friendly plants, Californians are showing that small changes can have a big impact on saving water, rain or shine.”

Digital and social media channels were strong, dynamic tools for Save Our Water’s spring campaign, reaching Californians more than 10 million times. The current campaign will continue to build off that strong performance. Utilizing rich media including all-new video content, interactive HTML5 web banners and infographics, these engaging visuals will aim to promote traffic to the program’s website and inspire social sharing. The “Small Changes. Big Impact” campaign will also continue to deliver messages to the inboxes of more than 100,000 Californians through digital efforts.

“Save Our Water continues to be a great resource for people looking to make conservation a California lifestyle,” said Niki Woodard, California Department of Water Resources Deputy Assistant Director of Public Affairs. “This campaign gives Californians easy, effective tools to continue conserving water. And it reminds them that their efforts are still very important.”

Save Our Water aims to give Californians tools and tips to help them easily conserve at home and at work, every day. Save Our Water connects with Californians on its Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Save Our Water is a statewide program aimed at helping Californians make permanent changes to reduce their everyday water use. Save Our Water is a partnership between the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources.