Water Conservation. It's For Life

Tips for Kids!

Water is a very important resource in California. We need it to grow food, maintain our environment and produce everything that we use.

You use water every day at home. Brushing your teeth, washing out your milk glass, taking a shower or bath—all of these activities use water. But water is a limited resource. We Californians can’t afford to waste even small amounts of water. You can help save California’s water by changing the way you use water inside and outside your home. And, the more you know, the more you can help your mom and dad and other grown-ups remember to save water everyday. Learn more about water and what you can do to Save Our Water!

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Water Friendly Plants for the Garden Coloring Page
Shower for 5 Minutes Coloring Page
Fix The Leak Coloring Page
Brushing Your Teeth Coloring Book
Clean Outdoor with a Broom Coloring Page


Save Our Water recently partnered with award-winning educational program Curiosity Quest to create these two great videos for kids. You may have even seen them on your local PBS station!

Curiosity Quest Goes Green Video - Joel Greene

Save Our Water - Curiosity Quest Save Water Outdoors

Curiosity Quest Goes Green Video - Water Tips

Curiosity Quest & Save Our Water PSA 2