Water Conservation. It's For Life.

What We've Learned

Conservation Lifestyle

Californians have made great strides in their commitment to water conservation and are embracing wise water use as a daily habit. From taking shorter showers and installing water efficient toilets and appliances, to transforming outdoor landscapes to be more California-friendly, Californians are showing that – rain or shine – saving water is part of the California lifestyle.

Californians know. Water Conservation. It’s For Life.

Around the House

Typical household routines, such as laundry and showering, use on average 196 gallons of water per day. Here are some simple habits to adopt which will reduce water use around the house.

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Around the Yard

On average, 30-60% of the water Californians consume is used outdoors. Here are some tips to reduce outdoor water usage while still maintaining a beautiful yard.

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Around the Neighborhood

When looking around California neighborhoods, you will observe many practical yet inventive and beautiful solutions for saving water. Check out how homeowners are reimagining their yards.

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