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Sep 30th, 2014 Join the Effort!
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It's never too late to join the effort to save our water. Take action on water conservation today!
Sep 28th, 2014 Turn Down Sprinkler Timer
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Make a note to turn down the sprinkler timer even more as the summer turns to cooler fall temperatures.
Sep 24th, 2014 Become Familiar with Sprinkler Features
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Become familiar with the sprinkler timer’s features and how to adjust the timer with the seasons. If you cannot find the manual, download it off the web.
Sep 21st, 2014 Cut Back On Rinsing Dishes
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If your dishwasher is new, cut back on rinsing as newer models clean more thoroughly than older versions.
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Partner Spotlight

Ventura Water

Ventura Water is dedicated to providing quality water and wastewater services for its beautiful coastal community of Ventura, encouraging residents to work together during this historic drought to stretch the region’s local water sources. Creative water saving tactics include skipping car washes all summer long and sharing water saving tips, practices or actions to serve as inspiration for others as we all do our part to help conserve water. Visit for more information.



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Save Our Water is a partnership between the Association of California Water Agencies and the California Department of Water Resources. For more ways to save and to learn more about the Save Our Water program, visit

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